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Common Foundation Repairs

Many homeowners assume that if their house has been built properly, it will be virtually indestructible and stand tall for many years.

Three Reasons Why a Small Foundation Crack Could Be a Big Problem

It's easy to see a small crack in the foundation of your home and either decide that it isn't big enough to warrant any anxiety, or that you just don't want to deal with a long home foundation repair process until it's absolutely necessary. But if you happen to see a crack, here are a few reasons why it's more harmful to your house (and your wallet) in the long run if you ignore it:

Three Signs of Possible Building Foundation Problems

Maybe you're in the market to buy a new house and you've just started looking at your options. Maybe you're getting ready to sell your house and you want it to be in the best shape possible. Maybe you've already bought a house and now, a few months in, you're starting to realize that there may be a few sketchy things going on with the internal structure.

The Top 4 Questions About Foundation Repair, Answered

House foundation repair is one of the looming worries of being a homeowner, and there’s no denying that foundation repair costs can be daunting. There’s reason for some concern about a foundation; leaving a cracked foundation unrepaired can leave your house structurally unsound and too dangerous for habitation.